Reporting tools help you receive the exact statistics and assess the effectiveness of their business by the index: click, orders, commissions, … thereby making precise adjustments to help improve your business efficiency.

Step 1: Track overview
When you click the detailed report, the system will show your business process, include: Click, Orders, Commissions.

huong dan theo doi bao cao chi tiet

Step 2:
Besides the orders, the report is shown by graph, which help you can monitor the rate of change and transformation of the Orders, Commissions, Channel Communications. Bring to a better overview of the results you achieve.

huong dan theo doi bao cao chi tiet4

Step 3:
The system can help you manage easily with the arrangement for each provider, sorted by order status, order or sort by Commissions, Product …

huong dan theo doi bao cao chi tiet5

Step 4:
To view detailed information order which made from, by device or browser, … you can choose detail for more. So you can know the effective advertiser channel or irrational inefficient advertiser channel.

huong dan theo doi bao cao chi tiet6