Begin with making money online, the first thing you would be interested in the Partners, you can combine together and which products will suit you. This will be answered fully the list of partners:

Step 1:

Visit the list of partners (Suppliers)
Click Partner’s name to find out their information.


Firstly, you review information of Provider carefully, this will be provided about commission and rules of recorded orders. Each store has different rates and rules of record.
Knowing about the Partnership and the relevant information will help you choose a more accurate and optimal leverage advantages in product distribution gradually.


Step 2:
To start selling, you see the list of partner products with relevant information such as the ability to offer unit prices, category, … to evaluate the fit between your resources and the need market demand in order to bring the largest turnover.

In this category, you can sort the products according to the following criteria: View by name, Category, Price, Commission…
Moreover, the exact system data provided by the Partners, we offer solutions to search for the desired product on MasOffer system.
Or you can access to the partner website directly.


Step 3:
Check the “News Promotions” to update these promotions, attractive discounts from suppliers.


Step 4:
Create links to sell by 2 methods:
– Create a link with the Product Portfolio.
– Create links with each product.

Step 5:
Review Link Created to avoid missed or confused between campaigns, make sure your ads are optimized most accurate.