Getting Started with MasOffer

1. After successfully registering  and logging into MasOffer system, you will be in Home – The overview section of your dashboard.

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2. In this section, you can track the index:
Clicks: Totals click on your ad.
Orders (Succeed): The number of successful order you have (Definitely get the commission).
Orders (Waiting for the approval): The number of orders still awaited for partners approvals (May get the commissions).
Commission (Succeed): The amount of money you absolutely get from MasOffer.
Commission (Waiting for the approval): The amount of money you can get from MasOffer.

3. Order/commission figures:
These figures shows the change of the number of your order and the amount of your commissions by day, which helps you understand more about your business everyday.

4. The newest order
The ten newest orders are always updated in our system with brief info so you can manage your business effectiveness.



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