FAQs after registering

1. How will the commission be calculated when customers click on the many links of one supplier?
We commit ourself to calculating the commission under the “Last click” for Pub who owns last link of customer.

2. When will orders be recorded ?
Customers complete the payment and repayment period end (if any).
The system will instantly update your order status.

3. When will you be received payment?
We warrant payment from 20th – 25th of every month in the form of payment you have chosen.

4. I ​​have special requirements on the measurement tools and to fit me better?
The answer is yes
Masoffer always ready to support up to the user. Moreover, we create faith about the ability to customize of the system. The appropriate requirements always be met promptly.

5. How can reach customers easily?
1. Please review and selection of communication channels that you can: websites, fanpage, advertising facebook, google or personal account on the community page, .. 
2. Research the needs and behaviors of the audience you wish to reach.
3. Use Masoffer to retrieve product information, product selection in line with the highest commissions.
4. The application of promotional tools, statistics, measurement … from Masoffer to communicate and evaluate the effectiveness.
5. Join the community share of the fastest Masoffer to update the hot campaign, marketing recipes from Masoffer and successful publisher network.